Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Vacation on Risa


We have arrived at Risa.  It's been two years since I've taken a holiday, and, while technically Cmdr. Kaa, Counselor Pouget and I are attending a conference sponsored by the Federation Academic Corsortium for the Study of Psychology, the lecture series is mercifully spread out over the next four mornings.  This leaves the rest of the afternoons and evenings to take in everything Risa has to offer, and I plan on making the most of it.  Hopefully, this will be my last log entry until the Conference is complete. 

"What a magnificent view.  I've never been so glad to leave my pheremone inhibitor injections, and my Starfleet rank, at the door." 

"Speaking of magnificent views....."

"Greetings Admiral Croft.  My name is Elayni.  What is ours is yours."

Croft:  ::broad smile:: "Please, I'm on holiday,  my name is Ethan.  Leave it to the Risans to be even more beautiful than their planet."

Elayni:  "What is your pleasure Ethan?  A mudbath?  A massage?  Kirback riding on the western shores?"

Croft:  ::enthusiastically:: "Yes!"


Female Vacationer:  "Oh excuse me, I was about to offer my new friend Ethan Jahmah'haron."

Male Vacationer: "As was I."

Croft:  ::smiles broadly and takes both of their hands::  "I'm willing to share if you are."


"Oh what a night!  This is the perfect vacation.  I'll just rest up here for a bit...."

::giggles::  Hello Ethan.  I'm Mira and this is my twin sister Haeress.  We're friends with one of your companions last evening.  We were wondering if you would like to share our bed?  We've never experienced intimacy with a Bacchi before."

Croft:  ::Stretches::  "Twins hmm?  Well, I -am- a big advocate of the benefits of intercultural exchange.  Lead on."


"Okay let's just put this Horgon away today and try to relax a bit.  Yes, there we are peace and quiet for my aching muscles.  By the holy elements I'm not the young buck I used to be."

Female Vacationer:  "Oh you're the Bacchi Ethan right?  Oh you delicious man!  You -have- to join us for our beach dance party."

Ethan Croft:  ::considers his aching muscles, then looks over the woman::  "Will there be lots of bouncing type dancing?"

Female Vacationer:  ::bounces up and down enthusiastically::  "Oh yes yes there will be!"

Croft:  ::getting up slowly::  Well, how can I say no to that?"

Female Vacationer:  "Oh, and this is my new friend Drounn."

Croft:  "Nice antennae!"


My time away from The Serenity has already ended, as quickly as it begun.  The conference was immensely interesting, though I find my most memorable experiences were interacting with the cosmopolitan population of the very aptly named "Pleasure Planet."   I can't remember ever having more fun, or more of a marathon work out session, than this holiday.  I almost find it a relief to return to active duty!"

Handsome Male Vacationer:  "Hello, my name is D'chash, would you like to..."

Croft:  "...Let me stop you right there buddy.  My vacation is over.  ::rubs his neck in pain::  Maybe next time."

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